Frederik Nielsen, or Frekie, is a professional

Multimedia Animator. He enjoys using his

imagination to develop new ideas.

Since childhood he always had a deep passion for

cartoons, video games, artwork and clay sculpting.


Frekie loves a good challenge, and is always searching

for new ways to improve his work.







Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe InDesign

Adobe After Effects

Adobe Premiere

Autodesk Maya

Pilgway 3DCoat

ToonBoom Harmony

Work Experience

October 2017 - Present

Art Director (Sparetime)

Float Entertainment IVS


  • Responsibility for the development of "Souls of Lithium".
  • Deciding art style, lore, design and gameplay

with rest of the team.

  • Working on the 3D part, sculpting, retopping,

UV, painting and baking.

Multimedia Animator

Ordbogen A/S


  • Managing and producing educational videoes for children in pre- to high school.
  • Illustrations for various products and software.
  • Storyboarding, animating on long looped videoes to help children understand traffic.

2D Animator

Proces Support A/S


  • Concepting and producing a marketing video for their product.
  • Working on everything from storyboard,

to animation, to compilation.

  • Video was previewed at a convention in Germany.

2015 - 2017


2017 september


2015 - 2017


Multimedia Animator Intern

Ordbogen A/S


  • Main courses every quarter with big projects, such as film, animation, design and games.
  • Improved workflow and better planning skills of bigger projects.

Digital Media Foundation Course

Syddansk Erhvervsskole


  • 2-5 week courses, introducing all sort of subjects like Design, 3D, animation, film production, game development and web.
  • Education was made to help us find the right subject we wanted to focus on.

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